Episode 004 – The Madness 2 – Bracket Blowup

Wichita State ShockersKathleen and Vinny try to convince Ed to care about sports, mainly by sending him promotional material for Florida Gulf Coast University. They also discuss:

Vinny’s car. Vinny’s alma mater. Vinny’s other alma mater. Tom Izzo and Michigan State’s chances without Keith Appling and his towel snapping prowess. The Dominating Shockers. Aaron Craft’s confidence. How Harvard is a school full of opportunities, for a limited time only. Michigan’s throwing up percentage. The awesomeness of Conway’s Cookies. The possibility of Trey Burke’s heat burning a barn. The Battle of the Floridas. Azul the Eagle. How Indiana will beat Syracuse even without Keith Smart. Remembering Victor Oladipo’s name. And the game to watch if you’re only watching one.

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