Episode 007 – Few Words

Connie StevensThis week, Kathleen and Vinny try to get Ed to care about sports by discussing Jack Hoffman’s touchdown run, Carlos Arredondo, Pat Summerall’s few words, Bruins fans singing the National Anthem, the Yankees playing “Sweet Caroline,” the match-ups to watch during the first round of the eight-months-long NBA playoffs, i.e. Lakers vs. Spurs and Denver vs. Golden State, and which state has the largest number of professional basketball teams.

And, predictably, Ed brings up Connie Stevens.

One response to “Episode 007 – Few Words

  1. Pat Summerall’s first name was actually George. I have heard that Pat was given to him as a nickname for “point after touchdown”, since he was a kicker. This turned out to be an “urban legend”. He was raised by his aunt and uncle who had a kid named Mike. I guess they were Irish, and Pat and Mike where names for Irish characters at the time. They were good names to use in Irish jokes at the time as well, so they called him Pat.

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