Episode 006 – Hovering Over the Frozen Four

This week's prize

This week’s prize

Vinny and Kathleen try to get Ed to care about sports by discussing something called the Frozen Four. They also bring up “icing,” Quinnipiac’s Matthew Peca, Yale’s Cinderella status, the Igloo (where The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh was filmed,) Tom Ricketts’ gruesome delivery, Bubba Watson’s smooth ride, and Mark Cuban’s comments about Brittney Griner. Plus, a little about Ed’s basketball experience.

2 responses to “Episode 006 – Hovering Over the Frozen Four

  1. Eric DeLong

    The NHL went from 21 teams to 30 in the last 20 years increasing hockey’s popularity in the United States.
    Griner is to small for the NBA. She weighs 175 pounds. Lebron is 275 pounds. There is a 7 footer on every NBA team. She would be a superstar in the WNBA! Jackie Chan at age 19 had an uncredited part in Bruce Lee’s movie “Enter The Dragon”. There was no hovercraft used! Lee and Chan wanted one, but John Saxon vetoed it!

  2. Like Ed, I’ve never understood that “icing” call in hockey either. I mean, if it were a soccer game and someone actually managed to kick the ball all the way down the field into the other goal, it would just count as a goal, right? They wouldn’t disqualify it because no-one else touched the ball…or would they? See, I don’t really know the rules of soccer, either. Gee, it’s like this podcast was made just for me!

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