Episode 011 – The Ides of May

Jerry West, supposedly

Jerry West, supposedly

Kathleen and Vinny try to convince Ed to care about sports by discussing the Memphis Grizzlies’ playoff chances, how their move wasn’t like the Colts’, how they may be like the Sacramento Kings, how even Jerry West couldn’t fix them, Mike Conley, Jr., Marc Gasol, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder, the possibility of a Grizzlies vs. Warriors matchup, Ed’s one degree of separation from Elvis Presley, Orb and the Preakness, the difficulty of winning the Triple Crown in horse racing vs. the Triple Crown in baseball, Affirmed – the last Triple Crown winner in 1978, ESPN’s ranking of Secretariat over Mickey Mantle, Secretariat’s gender (male, by the way), and the thorny question of whether or not horse racing is a sport.

2 responses to “Episode 011 – The Ides of May

  1. Eric DeLong

    Did your folks take you to see Tom Jones as well?

    Horseracing is not a sport. NASCAR is not a sport either. Golf is not a sport either. There are other many non-sports as well.

    • administrator-king

      My parents did take me to see Tom Jones. And Olivia Newton-John (with Paul Williams opening). And Englebert Humperdinck. And the Harlem Globetrotters, of course. Talk about sports!

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