Episode 014 – The Reachout

This week, Kathleen and guest-host Erik Hanson try to get Ed to care about sports by discussing LaBron James uncharacteristically seeking publicity vis-a vis Derrick Rose. Also, Peyton Manning’s naked bootleg, Erik’s figure skating career, the Dodger Dog, Gilroy Garlic Fries, and various minor league delicacies, this not this, this item at Coors Field, and the StrasBurger.

And how jim-rash-1-sized + 3111 = ADAM-SILVER-NBA.

2 responses to “Episode 014 – The Reachout

  1. Erin Wiencek

    Great show! As Erik’s sister, I contractually fulfilled my obligation to listen! Ed – do you like ice cream? The Toledo Mudhens (remember, Klinger from MASH wore a Mudhens hat?) serve an ice cream sundae in a full sized helmet! And speaking of helmets, the White Sox served nachos in a full size helmet! Yummy!

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