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The Ice Queens hit the Great White North

The Ice Queens review Skate Canada here!

November 24, 2009   No Comments

The Ice Queens: 2009 Skate America

This is the episode that’s got everyone talking. Everyone standing near me right now, that is. Well. It’s just me.

November 16, 2009   No Comments

The Ice Queens Predict the Future!

In the latest episode, Liz and Tori rub their crystal balls. And talk about the 2009 NHK Trophy, of course.

November 9, 2009   No Comments

Updates to The Ice Queens AND Li’l Cal

If you really, really want to know what I’ve been up to, then perhaps you’re a little too clingy. But I’ll tell you this, it has something to do with all the new stuff at The Ice Queens and Li’l Cal.

November 1, 2009   No Comments

The Ice Queens podcast is back!

Liz, Tori and I have cranked up the show once again for it’s third season. AND THIS ONE’S THE BEST ONE YET!

The Ice Queens look at the 2009 Trophée Eric Bompard right here.

October 24, 2009   No Comments

I’ve updated Li’l Cal‽

Yes, I used an interrobang. And, yes, I’ve updated Li’l Cal!

August 3, 2009   No Comments

I know famous people

I know Mike F. Here’s one reason why he’s famous.

July 30, 2009   No Comments

Li’l Cal updated

Today, I have updated Li’l Cal.

July 29, 2009   No Comments

What’s here?

Soon, information will spill out of this website like peanut butter spills out of its jar. Until that day, please visit my other fine web pages.

Pie Creed – I write and curate this.

Li’l Cal – I write this.

The Ice Queens – I produce this.

July 15, 2009   No Comments