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February 1

February 8th, 2009 Comments off

Decide to get up thirty minutes earlier. Do this for a year, and you will add seven and one-half days to your waking world.

Or get up thirty minutes later. Do THIS for a year, and it’s like getting an extra week of vacation.

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January 31

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Selfishness never leads to satisfaction.

However, by the time you realize that, you don’t really care anymore.

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January 30

February 8th, 2009 Comments off

Don’t succumb to Casual Fridays.

It’s what’s know as a “gateway” dress code, leading to muumuus, tracksuits, and, in extreme cases, dickeys.

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January 29

February 4th, 2009 Comments off

Don’t waste a good joke or sarcasm on a dog.

Even if he is your most attentive audience.

January 28

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When feeling down, buy expensive soap.

Be sure to show it to the homeless man before he’s shooed away from the front of the Expensive Soap Store. It’s like sharing it with him and getting to keep it, too. That’ll make you feel EVEN better.

January 27

February 3rd, 2009 Comments off

Take care of your teeth. Anything but the real ones are a poor substitute.

The same advice goes for your McCoy and your Slim Shady.

January 26

February 2nd, 2009 Comments off

If you’re going to sing, talented or not, do it with exuberance. Much appreciation is offered for sincere imperfection.

Chicago won Best Picture.