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August 22

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No need to strain yourself. Just one great idea a year is all that’s necessary.

No, “growing a soul patch” doesn’t count.

August 21

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Keep talking about yourself, and those around you will develop hearing problems.

Giving you the opportunity to speak more loudly about yourself. Win/win.

August 20

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Smile and wave at neighbors, even those who never wave back.

That way, they’ll be more believable character witnesses for you.

August 19

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When you’re using the bathroom, lock the door.

How did he know I hadn’t… My God, these instructions are coming FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!

August 18

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Come to a full stop at stop signs. Disregard this simple law, and it becomes easier to disobey important ones.

Who can forget that opening scene in Goodfellas, where a 16-year-old Henry Hill fails to come to a complete stop at an intersection? Not me. Chilling.

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August 17

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Avoid any couple that argues and disagrees with each other in public.

Unless they’re Abbott & Costello. And it’s 65 years ago.

August 15

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If you’re looking for a break, remember, good luck gets up at sunrise.

That’s why milkmen are the luckiest people in the world, as proven in a number of adult videos.

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