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November 9

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A compliment is the easiest and most appreciated form of communication.

But semaphore is still the bitchin’est.

November 7

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Words are sometimes inadequate. The deepest sentiments are expressed with the eyes.

Can you see my eyes right now? They’re rolling.

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November 6

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Choose carefully the company you hire to move you— whether across town or across country. Get recommendations from real estate brokers and friends who’ve recently moved. Never accept a quote over the phone. Have one of their representatives visit your home and discuss the move.

Sounds like somebody hired a bad mover

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November 5

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Instead of asking young people what they someday want to do, ask them who they presently admire.

Be sure to have Wikipedia pre-loaded on your phone, though, because you’ll need to look up whoever it is they say.

November 4

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Never regret money spent on old books, old dogs, and old friends.

Be extremely stingy with new friends and puppies, though.

And, come on, stop buying books.

November 3

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Don’t waste time currying favor with those you don’t respect.

But, then who will ever be on Celebrity Apprentice?

November 2

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Be praised for your integrity; be respected for your courage.

Be feared for your laser-emitting eyeballs.

October 30

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You can still be courteous when all else fails.

Especially if "all else" means your brakes. Because nobody likes a rude driver.

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