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Episode 003 – Joel Mehr

Photo of Joel Mehr

Joel Mehr

Ed calls his friend Joel Mehr.

The details of Joel Mehr’s life are really none of your business, and Joel wishes to keep it that way. You could check out his website,, but you’ll find it’s not that good.

Ed and Joel discuss the rules.

Episode 002 – Brendan Gardiner

Brendan GardinerEd calls his friend, Brendan Gardiner. Brendan’s heart says writer and stand-up comedian, but his tax return says electrician. Actually his heart says that too sometimes, like when a wire splice goes just right. He and Ed discuss John Davidson, The $100,000 Pyramid, Bobby Sherman, Panera’s bread giveaway, Pizzeria Uno’s West Virginia-style pizza, Chicago Marathon swag, meal planning when working nights, growing up in a large family, Down by Law, a little Vonnegut, the allure of this, Chicago’s open mics, The Twilight Zone, Presidential and Papal privileges, and always knowing your audience.

Episode 001 – Jerry Bennett

Ed calls Jerry Bennett.

Here’s what they talk about:


But first, some background.