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Episode 008 – Relevant Irrelevance

The Lowsman Trophy

The Lowsman Trophy

Recorded Friday, April 26, 2013

Vinny and Kathleen try to convince Ed to care about sports by discussing a Slobs vs. Snobs Cinderella story that finally made Yale a household name. Also, Mr. Irrelevent, practice squads, whatever became of Peyton Manning, and the story of John Tuggle:

Plus, The World’s Loudest Starbucks™ makes a repeat appearance.

Episode 007 – Few Words

Connie StevensThis week, Kathleen and Vinny try to get Ed to care about sports by discussing Jack Hoffman’s touchdown run, Carlos Arredondo, Pat Summerall’s few words, Bruins fans singing the National Anthem, the Yankees playing “Sweet Caroline,” the match-ups to watch during the first round of the eight-months-long NBA playoffs, i.e. Lakers vs. Spurs and Denver vs. Golden State, and which state has the largest number of professional basketball teams.

And, predictably, Ed brings up Connie Stevens.

24 seconds

The 99% Invisible blog explains how math and design turned basketball from a sleepy diversion into the most exciting sport in the United States.

Jackie Chan vs Hovercraft

Episode 006 – Hovering Over the Frozen Four

This week's prize

This week’s prize

Vinny and Kathleen try to get Ed to care about sports by discussing something called the Frozen Four. They also bring up “icing,” Quinnipiac’s Matthew Peca, Yale’s Cinderella status, the Igloo (where The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh was filmed,) Tom Ricketts’ gruesome delivery, Bubba Watson’s smooth ride, and Mark Cuban’s comments about Brittney Griner. Plus, a little about Ed’s basketball experience.

mental_floss: The Origins of All 30 MLB Team Names

Now this is the kind of information we need!

The New Yorker walks our talk on mascots

Ian Crouch’s “In Praise of Tame Mascots” in The New Yorker.

Episode 005 – Opening Day Madness

2-3 Zone

The 2-3 Zone, clearly

Kathleen and Vinny try to convince Ed to care about sports by telling him how much Justin Verlander makes. They also discuss the specialness of eating food in baseball parks, Cincinnati’s history on Opening Day, Houston switching sides, parity parity, putting the Alpha in Opening Day, why to keep caring about Wichita State and Michigan, Kevin Ware’s heart, stopping Brittney Griner, who will win the Championship, and what shocks Vinny.