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Episode 011 – The Ides of May

Jerry West, supposedly

Jerry West, supposedly

Kathleen and Vinny try to convince Ed to care about sports by discussing the Memphis Grizzlies’ playoff chances, how their move wasn’t like the Colts’, how they may be like the Sacramento Kings, how even Jerry West couldn’t fix them, Mike Conley, Jr., Marc Gasol, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder, the possibility of a Grizzlies vs. Warriors matchup, Ed’s one degree of separation from Elvis Presley, Orb and the Preakness, the difficulty of winning the Triple Crown in horse racing vs. the Triple Crown in baseball, Affirmed – the last Triple Crown winner in 1978, ESPN’s ranking of Secretariat over Mickey Mantle, Secretariat’s gender (male, by the way), and the thorny question of whether or not horse racing is a sport.

Episode 010 – Scoops and Hoops

George Catlin’s “Ball-play of the Choctaw–Ball Up”

This week, Vinny and Kathleen try to convince Ed to care about sports by talking about lacrosse. Lacrosse, I say! They discuss the NCAA Championships (fill out your bracket!), take a side trip to the Carrier Dome, where you can and can’t pound on each other, peppering goalies, the structure of the game, the equipment, the need to quit stalling, and the teams to watch.

After some technical difficulties and a change of venue, they discuss the forces that conspired to stop Ed from watching hockey, which professional hockey team is more like Cinderella (hint: it’s the Islanders,) and the Chicago Bulls vs. the Miami Heat.

Retired NFL Players’ Medical Bills

From the Washington Post

Episode 009 – Taking the High Road


This week’s prize

Recorded Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This week, Kathleen and Vinny try to convince Ed to care about sports by discussing Jason Collins, Tim Tebow, Stephen Curry throwing up against the Nuggets, the NHL playoffs, Sidney Crosby’s teeth, the mysterious length of hockey games, and the series to watch if you’re only watching one, if you have a day to devote to it, that is.

Plus, they tease the NCAA Lacrosse Championships coming up Memorial Day weekend. That’s right, they tease lacrosse.